A Chulla is a cooking stove that uses Biomass like wood, wood chips, charcoal or any other combustible matter as Fuel.

Chullas, in their primitive form of 3-Stone configuration, have been used ever since Stone Age Humans discovered that cooking on fire made food more digestible & tasty.

Unfortunately, over a billion people in the world continue to use primitive chullas even today. The primitive chullas have a low efficiency, need large quantities of fuel & release fumes & smoke in kitchen, causing respiratory & Eye diseases to occupants, mostly women & children.

Modern chullas aim to achieve complete combustion, which in turn eliminates fumes & smoke as also increases thermal efficiency thereby needing less Biomass.

Many organizations have developed chullas that are three times more efficient than 3-stone chullas.

Our Objectives are to spread the knowledge about how to make or buy these efficient chullas. 

We will give links to the modern chullas available in the market.

We are also developing our own design, which we hope, will be superior to the models available in the market. We would like to give detailed information, free of cost, on how to make advanced design chullas in a cost effective way even in a remote corner of a developing country.

We will also give training to potential entrepreneurs on production processes on commercial scale.

Ours is a not-for profit organization.

Our rewards will be if renewable resources are used for cooking in an efficient way, while eliminating eye & respiratory diseases.

The world will be a better place for many in that case.

Tushar Shah                     Ajay Chandak                          Jyoti Shah